Unique Ideas to Spice up your brand’s Email Newsletter

Unique Ideas to Spice up your brand’s Email Newsletter

For most entrepreneurs and non-profits a monthly or quarterly email newsletter is part of their strategy to connect with their audience on a regular basis.

Although most businesses are active on social media, your audience is often not aware of all the content you post via your social media channels.

That’s why your newsletter is so important because it gives you the opportunity to speak directly to your audience, one on one, in a way that’s convenient for them.

Yes, I said it… For them, because the #1 thing you must remember is that your newsletter is not about you, but about them…your audience.

If your content is more about you than your audience you’ve already failed before you even hit send.

It’s important to perfect your email newsletter and remember that the email itself should be simple to navigate.

Your newsletter outline is no time to get overly fancy, instead, you want to make the information easy for your audience to receive, process and of course act upon.

You might already have a newsletter you send to your audience, or you might have sent one in the past but stopped or you might be thinking of getting one up and running.

Whenever you are in the process there are a few key things you must remember when developing and sending out your newsletter to ensure your newsletter is has a strong impact.  Here are three tips for stronger newsletters:

1. Create a Badass Subject line that POPS!

The subject line is the very first introduction to your newsletter, it’s the first thing your audience will see.

Odds are if it is a boring subject line sadly no one will open it.

Too often subject lines say something like: “March Newsletter.” BORING!!! Or monthly report. Boring!

The problem is before your reader opens the newsletter they aren’t the least bit curious to see what’s inside, there’s no intrigue, no promise.

Do your content justice and write a subject line that will make your reader intrigued to open it.

If you have a contest, a new product, a great feature or an upcoming event, make that the highlight of your newsletter.

Get your audience as excited as you are about what’s inside the newsletter.

2. Quality over Quantity

How often do you publish your newsletter?

Weekly, monthly or quarterly?

This question comes up so much but there’s no concrete answer because every business is different.

The rule to stick by is this, only publish your newsletter when you have content or something to say.

Sending out a newsletter that is boring is much worse than sending nothing at all.

Only publish when you have something to tell your audience, something that will benefit them.

3. Call to Action

So you’ve written a strong newsletter with great content and your audience is excited and that’s it, right?!

No that’s really just the beginning. Don’t miss the opportunity to hold on to your audience.

Each and every newsletter should have a strong call to action

Think in terms of what would you like your audience to do next?

You’ve given them all this great information so don’t leave them empty-handed with no direction.

Instead, give them direction. Whether you want them to donate to a cause, sign or download your ebook, visit your website etc.

Whatever you want them to do simply tell them!

Your newsletter is an important part of your strategy so be sure to make it as strong as possible and don’t forget to measure, measure, measure your success, (that’s a bonus tip.)

Know your audience and stay true to your brand with your newsletter and you will see a huge response from your audience.

Need help to set up your email in MailChimp? Check out the ‘Complete Guide to Rocking MailChimp Like a Boss,’ Ebook. Also be sure to join my monthly content crew to get email and content ideas.


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