Professional Bio

Professional Bio


When you invest in a bio package, expect a highly-personalized experience.

First, we send out a detailed questionnaire so she can get as much information as possible about your story, your unique personality, and your brand. Once we have reviewed your responses, we connect via phone or Skype to go over your specific needs and add those personal touches that can’t be gleaned from a written
questionnaire alone.

Following this conversation, it generally takes 3-5 business days to turn around your bio. Once completed and
delivered, you review your document and send back any edits or changes you’d like to see.

Have you been putting off writing your bio for a while? It might be time to invest in professional help!


Writing about yourself isn’t easy. You never know if you’re being too cocky and not sure if you’re getting your point across. But a well-crafted bio can mean the difference between landing the job or client and not.

A well-written biography can make the difference between likability and arrogance, success and narcissism. Your professional profile is a representation of not just your accomplishments, but your work ethic and personal traits.

Headed by a team of dynamic writers skilled in a myriad of professional writing services, Lalaa Writes
Content Pros have the expertise and resources to help you write a biography that’s bound to leave a lasting

Ultimately, a biography is your way of presenting your qualifications and professional experience to an interested reader. The smallest error can misrepresent you greatly and cost your reputation—which is why it pays to hire a professional biography writing service!


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