Insta Boss Package

Insta Boss Package


As one of the top social media platforms on the market today, Instagram is critical for any online influence or brand – but gaining Instagram followers and achieving supremacy in the space takes know-how. That’s where I come in.

I’ll work with you to fine-tune your branding, carve out an effective niche for your Instagram account and create world-class content that’s primed for results.

Through unique, exclusive content, we’ll generate real buzz and engagement, growing your Instagram followers and turning your brand into a true Instagram gem.


Get the most out of your Instagram campaign. We help you create organic content that appeals to your target audience with a strategy for increased visibility, allowing your channels to build a following.

We help you leverage this organic following even further by bringing users in as paying customers.

This package includes:


  • Custom content – 100% Original
  • Unique Brand Strategy and Audience Evaluation
  • Metrics and optimizations
  • Complete account management
  • Two to three Instagram Posts per week
  • Instagram Captivating Captions to accompany posts
  • Account management and engagement



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