Ebook Copywriting & Creation

Ebook Copywriting & Creation


While you very well may have a good idea what your ebook should say, a professional can turn it into an asset. I will provide

– Insights for organizing your ebook
– The best possible title
– Extensive research
– Expert interviews to be used as quotes
– Compelling storytelling skills
– Complete design, illustration, and production
– High conversion landing pages
– Fast project completion at a fair price
– Strategies for marketing and using your ebook

To receive a specific quote for your project please contact lalaa@lalaawrites.ca


In the modern media world, the most valuable thing you can offer prospective customers is your expertise.

By publishing a high-quality ebook, you become an authority in your area of expertise. You successfully capture the trust you need to establish the relationship that ultimately amounts to sales.

The benefits of creating an ebook include:

Generating leads

Establishing authority

Improving website traffic and social media sharing

Promoting press coverage

Fostering customer loyalty


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