Five Affirmations to Start Your Week off Right!

Five Affirmations to Start Your Week off Right!

We all have the power to manifest our heart’s desires. When I say this to people they often give me a stare and secretly write me off.


In any case, I believe that the power of positive thinking and affirmations have the power to shift your life in ways that are too powerful to put into words.


That’s why for the past five years I’ve begun every week with the same five affirmations.


Each of us holds the incredible power within to be and to receive anything we desire.


This realization came to me about five years ago right before I began my ‘dream job.”



Let me take you back for a little bit and set the scene. At the time I received this job I was in a place in my life where I was a mother of not one but two children under three, and a struggling writer.


I wanted work, but not work that would take me away from my babies.


I wrote about my desires in my prayer journal and prayed on it.


Around the same time, I began studying and practicing Yoga and my amazing teacher taught me all about affirmations and positive self-talk.


She was instrumental in helping me shift my thoughts. Instead of thinking ‘I don’t want a job that will take me away from my children’ I needed to think instead: ‘ I have found the right work for me, at the right place, doing something I love.”


Do you see the difference?


This is the realization that changed my life. It was all about perception and the energy I was sending out into the world.


From there I decided to write down the five desires I wanted for my week in the form of statements.


Each week, like clockwork, I would say these affirmations five times each. I’m not sure why, but five seemed to be my number of choice.


Have you ever received something you just had no reason to receive? Have you ever got a promotion or an opportunity that was way out of the realm of your capabilities? I have. Probably more times that I’m willing to admit.


I received a wonderful opportunity to do Marketing and Communications for a large non-profit, based in Toronto. In addition, I had the flexibility I needed and I had the chance to travel all across Canada, to places I would never have otherwise been able to see.


Here are the five affirmations I say each and every week to start my week off right. Please feel free to steal a few or all of them for your personal use.


1. Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

2. I am beautiful, gifted and absolutely capable of becoming everything I wish to be.

3. I am blessed with this week and I have the power to direct it as I wish.

4. I am balanced and at peace throughout the week.

5. Everything I want and desire is coming my way this week, I am open to receive it.

Setbacks have a way of tricking you into believing that you are not making any progress. This is why this is why affirmations are so important to me. Saying these five short statements each week for me is like a reminder and a refresh. They help me erase what was and embrace what is coming.


What about you? What are some of your favourite weekly affirmations that help you start your week off right?

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