Finding JOY Through Journaling. Five Prompts to Activate Your Joy.

Finding JOY Through Journaling. Five Prompts to Activate Your Joy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about joy lately. 

This morning as I journaled the word popped up again for the third time in a matter of days, so I followed it and suddenly I was writing all about JOY. 

For me, journaling is a judgment-free zone to write about who I am and the things that are important. 


At the end of my writing, I felt lighter, unburdened and free. 


I’ve learned that writing about joy and other positive emotions helps us positively assess and conquer the day.


Not only that but it allows us to be aware of it; to be open to it, and to find it within each day. Even noticing the smallest seed of joy can shift your day tremendously. 


During this time so many of us are filled with worry and anxiety, and rightfully so, but let’s not forget to find the beauty and joy within every day. 


Here are five prompts to help you write about joy: 


  • Think back to a time that you were joyful. How did it happen? How can you bring pieces of that within your everyday life? 
  • How do I want to experience joy today? 
  • Who are the people who bring me the most joy? How? 
  • What activity brings me the most joy? When was the last time I did it? 
  • What do I need to be joyful? 


I hope one of these prompts help you activate your joy.


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